Julia Gandolfi


Nothing sense




Ungoing project


Interdisciplinary movement set up by four people, which emphasizes the necessity of nonsense.


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166 beats




166 album covers all uniquely silk screened.


Based on a chosen song.


Alva Noto, Ryuichi - Sakamoto

Article design



16 Pages typographically redesigned for a collective reader.


J. Christopher Jones - Essays in Design

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A set up of objects that lost its usability because of the visible pixels and lack of details.


Inspired by low resolution pictures on the internet.

The Afternoon of a Rubberband




Even: As You and I is a surrealistic short film from 1937, by Roger Barlow, Harry Hay and LeRoy Robbins.


The content of this film is translated into the medium of a book with use of the xerox printer.


The result is an unbound, looping book, completely hand-rendered and existing only out of images, telling the story without a narrative.





I made a series of imperfections, based on the archetype of the toothbrush.

Type tool




Based on a very simple structured form, these wooden letters are created that can be used as a tool to create and discover new possibilities of forms and letters.